The ongoing crisis in Sudan has had a profound impact across the entire nation leaving more than 6 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance.

Empowering Communities, Near and Far.

Youth Programs

We empower at-risk youth through STEM education, career training, health services, and proactive interventions against drug abuse, gun violence, and criminal activities.

Adult Programs

We provide support to individuals of all needs and offer assistance with employment, childcare, and other services to support immigrants in their integration process.

International Programs

We actively respond to emergencies and crises, promote health and family planning initiatives, and support social ventures that make a positive impact in communities worldwide.

Our Beginning

Discipline serves as an extension of an initiative originally conceived by our refugee community in 2003. Acknowledging the value of their vision, we established Discipline to continue their aspiration of addressing the unique needs of their community and to extend the important work they had begun.

Our Mission

Discipline operates as an inclusive "village," actively engaging with vulnerable communities to offer support and guidance. Our ultimate goal is to foster thriving, progressive, and safer communities by paving the way for a more equitable future.

We address challenges locally and globally

From our youth-focused initiatives to our global programs, we tackle a wide spectrum of challenges, covering all human needs.

Health & Safety

We offer basic health and safety services in our local neighborhoods and also address urgent needs during international crises.

Economic & Social

We deliver a broad range of social and economic services, extending our reach from local neighborhoods to communities worldwide.


Education & Work

We provide internship, entrepreneurship and (STEM) programs for youth in underserved communities.

Food & Water

Across the globe, in the countries we serve, we provide essential supplies, including food and water.


We respond to emergencies and crises in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic.


We are actively engaged in addressing the issues of climate change through environmental initiatives, education, and advocacy.

Here’s how you can help!

From social media engagement, volunteering, advocacy, donating, partnering, and more, there are many ways you can help.


Offer your time, skills, and expertise by volunteering!


Share resources, knowledge, networks, or provide technical support to enhance our impact and sustainability.

Become a Monthly Donor

By donating to Discipline, you play a key role in fostering positive transformations within communities.

Become a supporter.

Together, we can help underserved communities flourish into healthier, safer, and more vibrant environments.

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