We operate in Chad, Sudan, the Central African Republic (CAR), and South Sudan, four countries facing significant challenges and in need of critical support.

Emergency Response

In areas affected by crises and conflicts, we provide emergency response services to support affected populations. This includes immediate relief efforts, such as the distribution of food, clean water, and essential supplies, as well as the provision of shelter and medical assistance.

WASH Programs

Our Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) programs play a crucial role in improving access to clean water and sanitation facilities. We work to construct and rehabilitate water sources, build latrines and hygiene facilities, and promote hygiene education to prevent the spread of diseases.


Education services are a priority for us, as we believe that education is a powerful tool for empowering individuals and communities. We establish and support schools, train teachers, and provide educational resources to ensure that children have access to quality education.

One of the primary challenges in the countries we serve is the absence of adequately equipped health facilities

3 of the countries we serve have the highest maternal mortality rates globally

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a significant challenge in these countries. We address this issue through various initiatives, such as agricultural development projects, training in sustainable farming techniques, and the distribution of food aid to vulnerable populations.


Access to vital health services is limited in these regions. We work to improve healthcare access by establishing clinics, training healthcare workers, and supporting healthcare infrastructure development. Our focus includes maternal and child health, disease prevention and treatment, and community health education.


We provide shelter and orphan services, ensuring that displaced families and orphaned children have safe and secure living conditions. This includes the construction and maintenance of shelters, as well as support for organizations dedicated to caring for orphaned children.

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