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Food, Education, Health and Shelter

In Chad, Sudan, Central African Republic, and South Sudan, we work to address critical challenges in education, food security, health, and shelter. These areas are particularly important and require significant support.

8 Million

people across these four countries urgently need food, education, health, and shelter services


In terms of education, there is a pressing need to improve access and quality. Many children, especially girls, lack access to schools, face barriers to enrollment, and experience high dropout rates. We work diligently with our partners to establish and support educational initiatives that provide inclusive and equitable learning opportunities, empowering children to pursue their dreams and break the cycle of poverty.

Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a pervasive issue in the communities we serve. Many families struggle to secure regular and nutritious meals, resulting in malnutrition and related health problems. We tackle this challenge by implementing sustainable agriculture programs, promoting innovative farming techniques, and supporting local farmers to enhance food production and reduce waste.

Additionally, we collaborate with local organizations and stakeholders to distribute food aid and establish community-based food initiatives to ensure access to nutritious food for vulnerable populations.


The lack of adequate healthcare infrastructure and services is a critical concern in these regions. Women, in particular, face significant obstacles in accessing essential healthcare, including prenatal care and family planning services. We work tirelessly to improve healthcare access, partnering with local healthcare providers, training community health workers, and facilitating awareness campaigns to address these gaps.

Our focus includes maternal health programs, reproductive health education, and the establishment of clinics to deliver vital healthcare services.


Shelter is another fundamental need for families, women, and children affected by conflict and displacement. We provide safe and secure shelter options, partnering with organizations on the ground to construct and maintain shelters for those in need.

Additionally, we support orphaned children by providing them with shelter and collaborating with organizations specializing in their care, ensuring they receive the love, support, and resources necessary for their well-being.

Our work is driven by a deep commitment to creating lasting change and transforming the lives of individuals and communities. By addressing the multifaceted challenges of education, food security, healthcare, and shelter, we strive to foster sustainable development, empower individuals, and build resilient communities that can overcome adversity.

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