Discipline proudly partners with media companies to amplify our programmatic impact, raise awareness, and foster engagement on national and international issues.

We offer a range of media partnership opportunities that can drive impact and support Discipline's mission. These include:

We provide paid media packages that effectively drive Discipline supporters to donate, helping to raise funds for our initiatives and programs.

Media outlets can donate remnant ad space to Discipline, enabling us to enhance our brand visibility, engage with audiences, and increase awareness of our cause.

We create customized ad bundles specifically designed for Discipline’s corporate partners, helping them effectively market and sell their products or services while supporting our cause.

Our paid media packages are designed to identify and recruit new Discipline supporters, expanding our network and strengthening our community of advocates.

Media packages can be donated to support our efforts in driving social behavioral change, addressing critical issues, and promoting positive social impact.

We collaborate with media partners to develop custom campaign ideas that increase revenue for both Discipline and our media partners, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

We offer media packages specifically tailored to key Discipline moments and campaign windows, maximizing visibility and engagement during critical periods.

Collaborating on joint pitches, we approach brands that have an interest in adopting cause campaigns or focusing on women’s or minority empowerment as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 



These media partnership opportunities create a win-win situation, combining the power of media with Discipline's mission to drive positive change. We are open to exploring further collaborations and developing impactful campaigns together. Let's work together to make a meaningful difference in our communities. Contact

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