Youth Programs

Recognizing the distinct challenges of growing up in underserved and immigrant communities, Discipline focuses on providing youth-oriented programs that are designed to educate, engage, and empower young individuals, providing them with the necessary skills and support to navigate their distinct circumstances successfully.

Discipline takes a comprehensive, youth-centered approach to its programming, designed to cater to the diverse interests and unique needs of the young individuals it serves. We offer a range of social intervention programs that address crime prevention, promote STEM education, and provide opportunities for health, social, and career development.

Creative and Cultural Programs

Creativity is encouraged through various activities such as pottery-making, dance classes, and the highly popular media production rooms where young individuals can explore music production, podcasting, and video making.

Social Intervention and Crime Prevention Initiatives

We run effective social intervention initiatives. These involve collaborations among parents, youth, and other community stakeholders to curb crimes, drug abuse, and gun violence through anonymous tip-offs, counseling, and the recruitment of vulnerable youth into productive programs.

Career Development and Entrepreneurship

Career-oriented programs are also provided, giving the youth real-world experiences through internships, entrepreneurship opportunities, and employment. Some of our notable projects include the rehabilitation of community houses, and the restoration and reupholstery of donated household furniture, the sale of which funds our programs.

Educational Services

We offer robust STEM education programs, fostering critical thinking and innovation among the youth.

Health and Wellness

Health and wellness are top priorities, with physical fitness programs like Shaolin Kung Fu, benefiting both body and mind. Weekly meditation classes aid in mental wellbeing, and expanding our counseling and therapy services.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Community engagement is also an integral component, with monthly community cleanups and planting initiatives, as well as a "Village Stories" social program where community members, including the youth, share and listen to refugee, immigrant and other unique stories.

Through these multifaceted programs, we strive to nurture well-rounded individuals and foster stronger, safer communities.

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