Our beginning

Discipline's involvement in Chad began during the Darfur conflict in 2003, which resulted in a significant influx of Sudanese refugees into the country. Despite being one of the world's poorest and crisis-affected nations, Chad has provided refuge to over 500,000 Sudanese alone in its eastern region.

Discipline is actively engaged in several long-term projects aimed at improving the quality of life within refugee communities originating from Darfur. Our initiatives encompass various critical areas such as water, sanitation, hygiene, reproductive health services, livelihood development, agriculture, and the prevention of gender-based violence. Furthermore, our commitment extends beyond these refugee communities, as we also provide substantial assistance to those displaced due to ongoing violence and conflict in other neighboring nations.

Our impact

Discipline plays an integral role in Chad, particularly in addressing humanitarian needs and implementing development programs. Here are some of the areas where Discipline has made significant impact:

Humanitarian Assistance

Chad is host to a substantial number of refugees from neighboring countries like Sudan and the Central African Republic due to ongoing conflicts. Discipline provides essential services such as food, shelter, clean water, and healthcare to the displaced refugee populations from these countries. We also extend psychosocial support and other forms of assistance to individuals affected by violence and trauma.

Health and Sanitation

Discipline works tirelessly to improve access to quality healthcare and sanitation facilities, often focusing on remote and underserved communities. We engage in maternal and child health programs, as well as initiatives designed to combat diseases like malaria, cholera, and HIV/AIDS.


Discipline is dedicated to ensuring access to basic education, particularly for girls and displaced children. We rehabilitate schools, construct makeshift educational facilities, train teachers, and supply learning materials to enhance the quality of education.

Livelihood Support

Discipline offers vocational training and supports income-generating activities, aiming to empower individuals to earn a living. Our programs encompass agricultural training, microfinance schemes, and skills training in trades such as sewing, carpentry, mechanics, and beadwork.

Environmental Protection

Given the critical need for environmental conservation and climate change mitigation in Chad, Discipline is active in related projects. We promote sustainable farming practices, initiate tree-planting campaigns, and encourage community-led natural resource management.

Gender Equality

Discipline is committed to promoting gender equality, empowering women and girls through education, skills training, and leadership development programs. We advocate against harmful practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child marriage, and gender-based violence.

The work carried out by Discipline in Chad has led to tangible improvements across many sectors. For instance, our educational programs have increased school enrollment rates, while our livelihood initiatives have enabled many families to generate a stable income, thereby mitigating poverty levels. Our environmental projects have contributed to the mitigation of climate change impacts and the protection of vital ecosystems.

However, Chad continues to grapple with significant challenges, and the persistent support from Discipline, in conjunction with local and international stakeholders, is vital for sustained progress.

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