Who We Are

We are dedicated to addressing the unique challenges that underserved communities face, both at home and abroad.

Discipline serves as an extension of an initiative originally conceived by our Indiana refugee community in 2003. Acknowledging the value of their vision, we established Discipline to continue their aspiration of addressing the unique needs of their community and to extend the important work they had begun.

Our mission is to provide support, guidance, and revolutionary solutions to alleviate local and global issues while creating thriving, progressive, and safer communities.

On the local front, Discipline works tirelessly in providing a broad array of services, focusing on physical and mental wellness, community engagement, creative outlets, educational services, career advancement, and social intervention programs. These are specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of underserved and immigrant communities.

On the global stage, Discipline extends its impact to vulnerable communities worldwide. Sharing their successful, community-centric model, Discipline collaborates with international partners to meet the varied needs of different communities, irrespective of their geographical location. our organization actively responds to emergencies and crises, implements impactful WASH programs (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene), provides shelter for those in need, supports abused and exploited women and girls, promotes health and family planning initiatives, offers essential training to young leaders and supports social ventures that make a positive impact in communities we serve.

In every initiative, Discipline's guiding principle remains the empowerment and transformation of individuals and communities. Our aim is to promote social equity, resilience, and prosperity for all, no matter their circumstances or where they reside.


Our mission at Discipline is to serve as a comprehensive "village" that works collaboratively with vulnerable communities. We provide support, guidance, and innovative solutions to address local and global challenges while fostering the growth of thriving, progressive, and safer communities.


Our vision is to nurture upstanding, empathic and disciplined young men and women who will build, create, change and impact the world in transformative and revolutionary ways.

We believe that the only obstacle to thriving, safer communities is the lack of tools and resources.

Join us in creating thriving, progressive, and safer communities.

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