Policy and Advocacy

At Discipline, we're relentlessly striving to navigate bureaucratic hurdles to serve our communities effectively.

Why Advocacy?

Discipline has a profound understanding of what it takes to cultivate a community that is safe, healthy, and thriving. Through collaboration with numerous partners, we ensure everyone has the chance to contribute to building a stronger, more vibrant community.

By advocating with Discipline, you take a decisive stance towards driving substantial and lasting change that benefits the entire community.

As an advocate for Discipline, you have the power to:

- Shape policies and initiatives that equip our youth with healthy behaviors, values, and essential life skills.
- Prevent and fight against chronic diseases, promoting a healthier community.
- Foster trust and mutual understanding among various community groups and decision-makers, strengthening community bonds.
- Make a positive impact on societal issues of national and local importance, fostering a more just and equitable society.

In essence, your advocacy can catalyze social, political, and cultural changes and it is a vital part of a functioning democracy. It also plays a significant role in ensuring fairness, equality, and justice within societies.

Advocate for underserved communities

We firmly believe that underserved communities should not have to overcome excessive obstacles to gain access to the essential tools and resources they need to address pressing community issues.

Your professional skills and expertise can be a powerful force for change when advocating for our under-resourced communities. By partnering with Discipline, you can help us overcome barriers and secure the much-needed resources. Your shared knowledge can also significantly enhance our work, driving us towards our goal of creating thriving, healthier, and safer communities.

Policy Advocacy

Advocate for policy changes at the local, regional, or national level to address systemic issues and increase access to tools and resources.

Grassroots Advocacy

Engage and mobilize community members, volunteers, and supporters to take action and advocate for Discipline's mission through activities such as letter-writing campaigns, petitions, or community organizing.

Resource Advocacy

Fundraise and advocate for increased funding, resources, and partnerships to sustain and expand Discipline's programs and services.

37.9 million

Americans in underserved communities without access to resources

Advocacy + Resources = Empowerment

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