Leadership team

Discipline’s commitment to serving our communities is reflected in our leadership. We understand the unique challenges faced by the populations we serve, and that is why our leadership team is composed of individuals who come from those very communities. We believe in centering and valuing the input of our communities, recognizing their expertise, experiences, and perspectives as crucial in driving meaningful change and shaping our programs and initiatives. By ensuring diverse representation at all levels of our organization, we strive to create an inclusive and empowering environment where everyone’s voice is heard and respected.


Shareef Lesan

Mahmoud Abdallah

South Sudan

Peter Luka


Souleyman Issak Timan

United States

Esmaeel Andusa

Central African Republic

Kalsouma Idriss


Mawahib Tagod


  1. Abakar Rasto
  2. Dr. Ethar Khalil Ibrahim
  3. Eric Cunningham
  4. Ibrahim Dahab
  5. Iman Nassour
  6. Marwa Alkanani
  7. Mohamed Azhari
  8. Mawahib Tagod
  9. Nidal Arja
  10. Tonya Lacey
  11. Yosra Elyass

Chief Executive Officer

Mohamed Izadine

Chief Financial Officer

Zaharah Idriss

Chief Operations Officer

Shareef Lesan

Chief Marketing Officer

 Amira Zakaria 

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