Central African Republic

Discipline is committed to expanding our impact in the Central African Republic by strengthening our partnerships with local entities and stakeholders to deliver effective, comprehensive humanitarian aid.


The Central African Republic (CAR), a landlocked country located in Central Africa, has faced numerous challenges since it gained independence in 1960. Bordered by Chad to the north, Sudan to the northeast, South Sudan to the southeast, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of the Congo to the south, and Cameroon to the west, the CAR covers a land area of about 620,000 square kilometers and has an estimated population of around 5.5 million people.

Political instability, numerous coups, and armed rebellions have marked CAR's history, often leading to widespread violence. The most recent significant event was in 2013 when a coalition of rebel groups known as Seleka overthrew the government, leading to the worst crisis the country has experienced since its independence. This has led to widespread human rights abuses, clashes between different factions, and a serious humanitarian crisis.

The peace agreement signed in 2019 has not completely quelled the unrest, and the country remains in a precarious state. Roughly half of the population needs humanitarian assistance, and about a quarter of all residents have been displaced, either within the country or as refugees in neighboring countries.

Our impact

Our organization began working in the Central African Republic in 2021, responding to new conflicts and displacement to Chad. Since then, we have provided humanitarian assistance to over 1500 displaced people near the Chad border. Given the scale of the crisis, we are increasing our efforts and resources to provide more comprehensive support in these key areas:

Food Security and Nutrition

The ongoing conflict and displacement have left many with limited access to food, and malnutrition rates are high. We will continue to increase our efforts and provide food assistance and run nutrition programs, focusing on children and pregnant women in particular.


The health infrastructure in the country especially in conflict-impacted regions, is critically inadequate. While our resources are currently limited, we are deeply committed to making a difference wherever we can. We aim to enhance accessibility to essential healthcare services, supply vital medications, bolster the capacities of existing health facilities, train local healthcare workers, and implement vaccination drives. Despite the challenges, our goal remains the same: to better the health conditions in the CAR and to extend our reach as resources allow.

Water and Sanitation

Access to clean water and sanitation facilities are desperately needed. Our organization will increase its capacity and collaborate with similar institutions to address this urgent need. We will actively involve in the repair and construction of water and sanitation facilities, distribution of hygiene kits, and launching comprehensive campaigns to heighten awareness of essential hygiene practices. Our overarching goal is to enhance the health and wellbeing of the community by addressing these fundamental needs.


Human rights abuses are a significant problem due to the ongoing conflict. Our initiatives will include providing safe spaces for vulnerable individuals, offering psychosocial support, and advocating for human rights and protection.


The conflict has severely disrupted education in CAR, with many schools damaged or occupied by armed groups and teachers having fled. We will work to rehabilitate schools, train teachers, and provide learning materials.


The conflict has also led to many people losing their livelihoods. To address this, we will provide farming tools and seeds, offer vocational training and cash grants, and support income-generating activities.

The Central African Republic presents a complex and challenging landscape, yet we remain committed to making a substantial difference. Our approach involves building partnerships and mobilizing resources to implement robust, sustainable solutions, focusing on those most affected by the ongoing crisis.

While our immediate goal is to alleviate suffering, our broader aim is to foster long-term resilience within these communities. Through a holistic and ambitious undertaking, we are dedicated to enacting positive change and enhancing the lives of the individuals in CAR.

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