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Welcome to Discipline’s official website, www.adiscipline.org. This platform serves to inform you about our initiatives and offers a space for interactive engagement. This Terms of Use document outlines the conditions governing your access, linkage to, and usage of content from Discipline’s website. If you don’t accept these terms fully, you’re advised not to access, link, or download any content. Discipline may amend these terms anytime without prior notification. It’s your responsibility to stay updated with such changes.

Your Agreement

By using this website, you’re accepting these terms and any other conditions specified elsewhere on the site.

Intellectual Property Rights

All proprietary rights, including trademarks like our name, logo, and other branded content (“Discipline’s Marks”), belong exclusively to Discipline.

Limited License

Interested in linking to our website or using our content? If you’re over 18, please:

1. Review this Terms of Use.

2. Email us at giving@adiscipline.org with your details, organization, and your website’s URL.

Your right to use or link to our site binds you to the conditions below:

Usage Terms

– Only with written consent can you use our logo as a link.

– You can link using Discipline-approved banners or links if compliant with this agreement.

– No external platform, including Facebook or Instagram, can display our logo without written approval.

– Use our banners, links, or content strictly for educational purposes or promoting Discipline.

– Our content, especially those with Discipline’s Marks, should remain unaltered and not be used commercially.

– Don’t mislead others about your association with Discipline or suggest any direct benefit to us from any sales.

– Your use shouldn’t be misleading, harmful to our image, or involve objectionable content, such as alcohol, tobacco, pornography, religious, political, or firearms content.

Termination Clause

Discipline reserves the right to revoke your access rights without prior notice. Any breach of these terms may lead to immediate cessation of use and potential legal action.

Legal Remedies

Infringement of our intellectual property rights may lead to both civil and criminal consequences.


In case of misuse of our website or content, you agree to indemnify Discipline against any resulting damages.

Warranty Disclaimer

Discipline provides no guarantees, either stated or implied, regarding the website’s content, including our marks. Using our materials is entirely at your discretion and risk.

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