Discipline has been serving in Sudan since 2003, supporting thousands of Sudanese citizens and Darfur refugees. We have impacted over 19,000 lives through emergency response, healthcare, WASH programs, peace-building, refugee resettlement, and agricultural programs.

Our beginning

Discipline embodies the enduring spirit of a community of Sudanese and Chadian immigrants and refugees in Indiana. Founded in 2003 by those who had fled the horrors of war in Darfur and sought refuge in the United States, it represents the collective will to uplift those facing similar trials.

This committed group initiated the journey by establishing the Sudanese Chadian Community organization aimed at supporting fellow refugees and immigrants transitioning into a new life in America. They provided a broad spectrum of services, from language lessons and translation to legal document assistance, transportation, and employment support. This range of services was designed to alleviate the considerable challenges that come with immigration, ensuring their fellow community members had the resources and support necessary to rebuild their lives.

The compassion and commitment of these members did not stop at the borders of their new home country. Bolstered by the support of the broader community, the organization turned its attention back to Darfur and the refugee camps in Chad. In these harsh environments, the Sudanese Chadian community provided much-needed humanitarian aid, focusing primarily on health, water, sanitation, and hygiene services to women and children - often the most vulnerable in such circumstances.

In 2012, however, the organization faced a significant setback. Due to financial constraints, the Sudanese Chadian Community organization had to dissolve. But the will of its members did not waver. Recognizing that their mission was far from over, they collectively continued to offer humanitarian support to refugees in Sudan and Chad.

Built upon the foundations of the original organization, Discipline Inc. not only fills the void left by its predecessor but also extends its reach to serve the underserved communities within the United States and beyond. Our mission continues to be one of delivering critical services and supporting those in need, wherever they might be. In doing so, we honor the legacy of those who began this journey in 2003, adapting to the changing needs of our communities, and remaining steadfast in our commitment to humanitarian aid and community support.

Why Sudan?

Sudan has been grappling with the harrowing effects of prolonged conflict, underinvestment in agriculture, and intensifying environmental crises, leading to recurring cycles of food insecurity in numerous communities. It's estimated that one in three children suffer from acute malnutrition, an alarming statistic in a country heavily dependent on agriculture for its food security. The looming threat of climate change exacerbates Sudan's vulnerability, with desertification encroaching on fertile farmland and thus endangering the livelihoods of countless Sudanese farmers and citizens.

Moreover, over 280,000 people are affected annually by flooding across Sudan, causing devastating loss of life, displacement, and crop destruction. The struggle for survival is stark, with more than half of the population - approximately 30 million people - living in poverty, severely hampering their access to essential resources such as food and clean water.

Conflict has forced over 1.2 million Sudanese to flee to neighboring countries, including Chad, South Sudan, and Ethiopia, by the end of 2019. A staggering 3.4 million people are internally displaced within Sudan, with a significant majority residing in Darfur.

Conversely, Sudan also hosts a substantial refugee population. As of 2019, it provided sanctuary to around 970,000 refugees from Yemen, Syria, Chad, and other neighboring countries. Additionally, Sudan is home to the largest number of South Sudanese refugees in the region, with over 860,000 seeking refuge within its borders.

Faced with these multifaceted challenges, Discipline remains undeterred in its commitment to the people of Sudan. Our mission is to empower communities to effectively manage conflict and disasters, thus bolstering recovery efforts and paving the way towards secure, productive, and dignified lives. We believe in building resilience at the grassroots level, reinforcing local capabilities, and instilling a sense of hope, all in pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable future for Sudan.

Our impact

Since 2003, our members and now our organization has had a transformative impact in Sudan, touching the lives of thousands through a variety of programs and initiatives.

We have provided critical support to communities struggling with food insecurity and poverty, introducing sustainable farming techniques to local farmers and distributing essential food and water supplies to over 19,000 people who are most in need.

Our healthcare initiatives have made a difference in public health outcomes, providing reproductive health services, improving access to clean water and sanitation, and delivering much-needed medical aid to remote communities. We have prioritized the support of vulnerable groups such as children, women and the internally displaced, providing education, psychosocial support, and safe spaces. We have also provide more than 11,000 sustainable menstrual cups to women and girls.

Our programs focusing on peace-building and conflict resolution have worked to train 109 young leaders, mend social divides and foster a culture of peace and reconciliation, equipping communities with the tools to manage and resolve disputes independently. Through our refugee resettlement initiatives, we have also assisted numerous Sudanese refugees in finding new homes and rebuilding their lives.

Amidst all this, Discipline has continued to respond to emergency situations, providing rapid aid in the face of natural disasters and escalating conflicts. Our organization has been a beacon of hope in times of crisis, helping to mitigate the worst impacts of such events and assisting communities in their recovery efforts.

As we move forward, Discipline remains dedicated to deepening our impact in Sudan, guided by the needs of the communities we serve and our commitment to aiding the country's journey towards a more stable and prosperous future.

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